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Advanced infrastructure, scalable, low latency, constant security.


Colocating in a Cascade Divide data center means you ARE ready.

Building, maintaining, and periodically upgrading an in-house data center is a costly and complex responsibility.

Colocation allows you to put your servers in our state-of-the-art data centers, with high capacity fiber connectivity, at a fraction of the cost of creating and maintaining your own redundant facilities and network. This gives you the opportunity to run your own hardware in a professionally managed data center, without compromising on control.

Highly efficient colocation data centers at "edge" locations allowing the convergence of local, mobile and terrestrial, networks, backbone networks, and content/application providers which enable next generation services and the IoT network of physical objects or "things" embedded with computing, electronics, software, sensors and connectivity. Ideal for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Mining.



Real Estate Flexibility
Unshackle business and real estate decisions from the needs of your IT infrastructure. Colocation allows you to stay or move to locations that are best for your business and customers, and still provide for IT requirements.

Reliability and Uptime
DOWN is a four letter word that no IT department can tolerate. By placing mission-critical equipment in our data center your business will be backed by our 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Abundant & Efficient Power & Cooling
Stable three phase conditioned 120v or 208v power with N+1 redundant UPS and backup diesel generators, supplying customizable 20-22kw, 48u high-density racks.

One Stop Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Miners Support - Hosting

Network Connectivity
Our facilities are carrier neutral and carrier rich with both redundant AND diverse data connections to multiple local, regional and long haul carriers.

Multiple layers of physical and surveillance security measures, including CCTV, access cards, and biometric scanners.

Location, Location, Location
Convenient to business centers for quick business resumption, and far enough to allow disaster protection. Low cost power, ideal temperatures, and vacation destination community make for an ideal location.

24/7/365 Support and Remote Hands
Certified staff available 24/7/365 to provide on-site and emergency support.



Their facilities are uniquely located East and West of the Cascade mountain range which provided us with the required geographic and physical separation and protection while still being accessible if we need to get there quickly in an emergency.


Customizable cabinet configurations for ultimate flexibility.

Our secure cabinets include:

  • Full, Third, and Half cabinets with customizable security features
  • Private access to your equipment
  • Customizable power, cooling, and connectivity options
  • Staging areas, easy access and onsite parking for your installation needs
  • Access to multiple carriers and our managed IP bandwidth services

Looking for the optimum in flexibility and security? Our customizable private cages offer all the latest and greatest features you need to keep your equipment safe and secure.

Private, secure and customizable cages.

  • Steel mesh walls customized to meet your specific needs
  • Customizable sizes ranging from 100 to 5000 sq feet
  • Scalable cooling and power solutions
  • Custom security and CCTV feeds
  • Access to multiple carriers and our managed IP bandwidth services
  • Staging areas, easy access and onsite parking



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